January 27, 2010


I had a digital back in the day but the zoom stopped working. Jason had a nice camera that I borrowed from time to time and then I sort of took possession of it since I take pictures of everything! Well, sadly the last time I saw it was on December 20th at my parents house where we took some really cute pictures in front of the Christmas tree (and a really cute framer of me and the puppy!!) I've since had to use my iPhone to capture all my memories which doesn't have a flash and requires the steadiest of hands to capture anything. (so pretty much rule out most living and moving things) Jason, being the wonderful, loving, kind and giving person that he is, went and bought us a new camera last weekend. This will be the camera we use at my showers, my bachelorette party, his bachelor party, all our candid wedding pics and everything in between both wedding and non-wedding that you'll read about in the coming months here on my blog. I am beyond excited to have a new camera! Say "Cheese!"
*kinda funny that I had to take the picture of the camera with the iPhone!

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