March 1, 2012

Meanderings for March 1

Happy March 1, the day after Leap Day! It's been a long week but it's nearing the end!  I am so thankful for Jason who has taken over all of my responsibilities every day so I can come home from school and work on my portfolio and go straight to bed.   As I've said before, I want to be a good wife and now that I'm "working" all day I still want to do all the things I've been doing when I wasn't working.  Well with the portfolio due on Sunday and lesson plans that need to be done, I don't have time to take Cooper to the dog park and get dinner on the table.  He's done both of those plus way more for me every day.  Thanks Jason, I'm so thankful for you and how well we're working as a team through this hard time!

Very exciting news for us is that we  signed our lease yesterday so now have an address in Colorado!  So all of you now have a place to come visit so mark your calendars!  Maybe I already said this but when our townhouse fell through initially I was very discouraged, I quickly realized that it was really a good thing.  Since the renting is only temporary we figured it makes more sense to save now for a house later.  So, it's official...we have a place to call home in 30 days!

Now that it's just 30 days it's hitting home.  I have to get through this week and then I can really focus on what is left to do while here and make the most of it.  I hope to write as much as possible leading up until that day.  One awesome thing I found out about our move to Colorado is that I do NOT need to take a written test to get a new license.  (these are the kind of things I'm worrying about right now). I also was upset I have to give up my license when I get there because it has sentimental value to me.  The day we got back from our wedding in Mexico I went and got a new picture with my new last name.  I hate to have to give that up so soon!  But, I guess I don't get a new license until either 1.) I get a job or 2.) I have lived there for 90 days, so that buys me some time. :)

I took a sick day from student teaching today. I am not feeling well (as the day has gone on I keep feeling worse), but was hoping to get a lot more of the portfolio done.  I got some done, but not as much as I wanted. However, I'm thankful for the morning of sleeping in (until 7:30!) and not having to go to the school for a day.

Ohhhh last bit of really great news this week is that I found out I get to finish my last week of student teaching at a different school.  I observed last week at a classroom with kids with autism and it was amazing.  I learned so much in the very short time I was there so I got it arranged that I can spend my last week there. I hope to learn so much and am so excited!  Oh, and did I mention they are not one of the "extended school hours" so 8:30 start time.  Soooo much better! :)

Happy Thursday all! Hope your week is going well...mine sure will once the portfolio is submitted!

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