March 16, 2012

Really Really Done!

Yes, yes...I'm aware that the last 15 posts have been about another milestone of the degree and how I'm finally done with many things and am ready to graduate but today I am really really done.  You shouldn't hear another word about grad school until June when I actually walk for graduation.  But today, I finished the last week of student teaching/observing, so really am done.  I wrote a couple days ago how great of a classroom I was observing. (actually there were two) and I am soooo excited again about teaching and being with kids with low-incidence disabilities.  Jason and I are going out tonight for a special dinner...things were too hectic the week of my birthday so the two of us couldn't go to my favorite restaurant so we're headed there tonight. :)  I am done.  All I have left to do now is find a job.  There were several posted in the two districts I want to teach in so I have a lot of work to do these next couple weeks, but I'm ready! Bring on me working's been over 3 years since I was laid off or had a "real job" and I am READY. :)

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