March 13, 2012

Day Two of Observing

It's amazing what a difference a good classroom can make.  I am enjoying my observations this week sooooo much. Since our last week of student teaching is just observing, I decided that since my student teaching placement was so awful I'd switch to a different school and I am so glad I did! I am observing a 3rd-5th grade classroom with low-incidence autism.  The teacher is beyond good, has the room set up right, is teaching with pictures and manipulative, has a reward system in place and there is instruction going on!  Imagine that!  It's amazing, the kids are so awesome and I just love it.

After student teaching I have been really turned off from the school system and have been reconsidering if I want to be a teacher.. I know my calling is to work with kids with special needs but after student teaching I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be in a classroom setting. Thankfully through this brief experience, my faith is slowly being restored.  The teacher I am observing has been in the same classroom for 6 years so it's incredibly overwhelming to me. She has done so much labeling and organizing to her classroom and created so many different materials and lessons for the kids (each at a completely different level) but we all have to start somewhere.  I feel like I've learned more in the past two days that I did in all of my student teaching (in terms of what to do, anyway!). I'm glad to have the opportunity to observe this last week and end this experience on a positive note.  Tomorrow I am going into another classroom, for the 6th-8th graders...I can't wait.  I am a little sponge taking it all in and stealing all their great ideas! :)

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