December 18, 2011

Weekend of Fun

It's been a great and yet another busy weekend for us.  Our place is still a much and what do I unpack that I won't just be packing back up soon.  So it's messy and I'm reaching my boiling point.'s been a really fun weekend so we'll focus on that for now. ;-)

Friday I went to the burbs to see my cousin and her son who is in town from Florida.  I saw them at our wedding reception last October but I was just slightly preoccupied that day. ;-) So it's been almost three years since I've seen them.  My other cousin, her kids and husband came as well as my mom, two aunts and my grandma.  It was so wonderful to see everyone, especially since we missed Thanksgiving this year and won't be home for Christmas.  Super good time!

Friday evening was spent cleaning the is officially empty, repainted and sparkling clean!  Thank you Jason for all you did to get it that way!  

Saturday we woke up with our first snowfall.  It was gorgeous and such a great way to send us off for our 2nd annual Christmas shopping experience.  We had a great time hitting a bunch of different stores while avoiding the mall (thank goodness!).  Then last night we went out for dinner/date night and had the best time.  It was well overdue...I was so glad I got to spend time with him, just us and soak in all we've been through with the move the past couple weeks. We finished the night off watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Perfect day and night spent with my other half. Have I mentioned lately how in love I am with Jason? :)

Today we went to church and then I met my friend Brooke for brunch.  I took the Coopster to the dog park and then came home to relax (blog), do laundry, attempt to get settled in more, do other housekeeping things and possibly start our Christmas wrapping.  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed our first snowfall.  Just six more days until Christmas!  How ready are you?!

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