December 13, 2011

Christmas Tree is UP!

Moving this past weekend has really put a damper on my Christmas festivities.  Jason was amazing and knew I wanted to have my tree up right away, so we went and picked out our first real tree last Tuesday and brought it to our new condo.  I had a real tree growing up until I was about 10 but ever since have only had artificial.  The past two years have been special since I have had my grandparents tree but this year we knew we wanted the real deal.  We went to a lot in Chicago and learned how outrageously expensive they are and ended up at Home Depot where we picked out the perfect tree.  I'm not going to lie, I was originally pretty disappointed going to Home Depot for a tree but in reality, it just adds to the city-living feel.  :) I love that we'll be able to laugh at that in years to come.
Last night we were able to decorate the tree and hang our stockings.  I absolutely love our tree!  I wonder where it came from and how old it is.  I hope someday we can go cut down a tree but this year our Home Depot tree is exactly what we wanted.

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