December 13, 2011

Broken Phone

On moving day my phone crashed.  At least that was what I thought. (great day to have your phone not working!)  So I went to the Apple store and learned that it did in fact die and that the last "back-up" was in September of 2010 so I would lose everything I'd done since then.  This wasn't true, I had backed up my phone about a week ago but of course, that somehow didn't "catch" or something.  (I heart Apple.)  So I was freaking out because I hadn't gotten our honeymoon pictures off the phone yet.  Jason saved that day and I guess had done something months ago that would automatically send and save all my pictures on my computer so I wouldn't lose my pictures. (I love him.)  After the Apple guy tried restoring it three times we learned it was truly was done for.  They told me I had to buy a new phone ($150 - WHAT!?!) or could get the new one for like $400 or something (again, WHAT!?!)  I was in shock that I had the darn thing for only 17 months and it crashed and there was nothing they (Apple) could do for me.  Everyone fears losing their phone, cracking their screen, dropping it in the toilet, etc...but I (for once!) have been responsible and have managed to still have my phone in my possession and in one piece but I still have to buy a new one?  Long story short, the guy remembered that he could try replacing the battery which would only cost me $70 and that could possibly be the trick.  Sure enough, that did the trick and I was able to get my phone back with all my "notes", calendar, pictures, contacts, texts, etc. PHEW.  I'm still in shock at how much an iPhone costs and why I am a sucker enough to actually own and "have" to have one.  I blame my husband for this...I used to be content with my little flip phone until he got one.  LOL  But truth is, I have to have it and am thankful that this time it only cost me $70 to keep all that is in that little 3"x4.5" piece of memory.  Crossed fingers that it will last long enough until I am up for a new one in 2012.

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