December 29, 2011

Iowa Christmas 2011

On Friday we headed out to Iowa for our Christmas with Jason's family.  We spent most of the day driving, me really not feeling well.  Friday was an early night for us because we had a big couple days ahead of us.  On Christmas Eve we headed out to Des Moines for church at Jason's brother and sister-in-laws church.  It was a great service and message!  It was fun seeing the kids singing on the stage, reminded me of the church I went to growing up.  After church we went to a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant then went home and relaxed and caught up with one another.  While it was a wonderful day, it was kind of a fog for me since I wasn't feeling well. I know I fell asleep on the way home from dinner (which I do not sleep well in cars!)

Christmas morning we all rose early and had a nice breakfast together.  After reading about the birth of Jesus in Luke, we opened gifts next to the fire place, all taking turns to open.  Jason and I both got amazing gifts from everyone, all of us as a family felt very blessed this year.  After the gifts we had a delicious lunch prepared by my mother-in-law.  Even though I was still really under the weather, I didn't lose my appetite and it was absolutely delicious!  That night we finished the night off watching Elf.  :)

The drive back on Monday was still pretty groggy for me but we were able to meet my cousin, Amy, in the quad-cities for lunch.  It was great to catch up with her!  It was also Coopers 1st birthday so we brought him to PetCo so he could pick out his favorite treats and toys.  He was super happy with a tennis ball with a rope through it and some cheddar raw hides. Love that dog..he was SO good in Iowa and on Christmas.  Sweet dog.

Our Iowa Christmas was wonderful!  I wish I had felt better so I could have enjoyed being with family more but it was another memorable Christmas filled with love and good food! Thanks so much to Judy and Mark for hosting and to Phil for planning the Christmas Eve festivities!

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  1. Sounds great aside from feeling sick! :(
    LOVE that you met up with Amy!! Fun!