August 24, 2011

My "Me Time"

When I first met Jason, he traveled. A lot. Distance between us was sort of what defined our relationship for over the first year. He was gone so much that he actually had an apartment in Washington DC. He would leave Sunday night and return on Thursday night. I had the hardest time with him being gone all the time. Having a boyfriend or husband who traveled (even for a week or so at a time) was something I have always said I would never do. When I started dating Jason I realized for the true meaning of the saying, "never say never." I was officially dating someone who traveled every week and sometimes stayed through the weekend.

That first year was very hard on us (okay probably more just me). The travel put a lot of strain on our relationship, especially weekends we would spend in his hometown with family or had weddings or other weekend-long events. Those times I felt like our time was really limited. I remember it being so hard. I felt like everyone thought I was being selfish but I never got enough time to see him or talk to him. When he was in DC he worked ridiculous hours so we didn't even get to talk at night.

The very cool thing that came of his traveling was that I got to visit him twice in DC. Even though I got to visit as our class trip in 8th grade I didn't remember that much. Going as an adult is so much better! I remember one of the weekends I visited him, he was working over the weekend so I was able to visit with friends and spent time sight-seeing by myself. It was his travel that allowed that trip for me!

Over the years, his travel has gone way down. After his year in DC, he worked other projects which only required the weekly or every other week and even then it wasn't nearly as bad because we could at least talk at night.

Now it's down to maybe once every 6 weeks or couple months which is so much more doable! Since we are now married and live together I obviously see him a lot more and as I've spent more and more time with him our time isn't nearly as precious as it used to be. I still hate hearing when he has to travel and still get a little anxious and go into what I call my "panic mode." But I don't get nearly as anxious as I used to. I've really learned to appreciate our time apart and plan "me nights" which usually consist of a girls night out and a couple nights on the couch with my kitty and a chick flick. By Thursdays I am usually very ready for him to be home and can't wait to see him at the airport!

This is one of the weeks he's been out of town and it's gone by so fast! Monday and Tuesday nights were spent with girlfriends. Tonight, I cannot wait for my "me night" with Sam on the couch. Having a dog sure does keep me busy too with how much he needs to be walked! I think my favorite part about Jason being gone means I don't have to make the bed!! :) I will definitely be ready tomorrow night for Jason to come home!

I know God has been a bit part of all this. I prayed and prayed for a job for him that didn't require as much travel and the sense of peace I get now while he's gone is something I never thought I'd feel. I'm praying that he'll be able to continue with a job he enjoys and the travel stays as it is. I'm so thankful for his time he is home and love that I have learned how to appreciate his time away.

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