August 30, 2011

Weekend of Family

This weekend was completely different than we had originally planned. We were supposed to go to Milwaukee for the Cubs/Brewers game with my uncle and aunt but with all the weekend traveling we have been doing and Jason traveling two weeks back to back and a wedding almost every weekend the next month we decided we wanted a relaxing weekend home.

The weekend was far from relaxing but was an unexpected weekend of family and fun. Saturday morning my brother came down with Tiffany and Kaylee. We went to the Farmers market which was a bonus for me so I could stock up on tomatoes. Then we went for lunch at a restaurant in the area. I dropped them off so they could see the Marilyn Monroe statue and then to Navy Pier where they were able to do the Architecture Tour.

I rushed home to welcome my parents who were coming down to celebrate my mom's birthday. We took the dogs to the dog beach which was fun. Those dogs just love the beach, in and out of the water, taking other dogs toys, fighting each other for the ball. It's a sight to see! We then went home and went to a nice dinner at a different restaurant in the area. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We had a nice night wining and dining together. Then Sunday we all went to the burbs for church because we had to be out all afternoon for a couple showings so we figured we may as well head out there, and it of course did not disappoint! We had a nice breakfast at a Greek breakfast restaurant we like to frequent.

Jason and I also got to spend some time with my grandma while we were out there and then my mom and I took the dogs to the dog park out in Addison while Jason and my dad moved a refrigerator. Pretty sure my mom and I lucked out on that one.

Awesome weekend with my family, especially since all of it was unplanned and unexpected! Love you guys!

love her!

Kaylee saying goodbye to Jason. How cute is this?

At the suburban dog park...imagine that...Cooper is in the water! :)
Absolutely love this picture! Basically sums up how happy he is at the park!

*I'm really bummed I don't have any pictures of all of us with my brother and Tiffany or with my parents while celebrating my mom's time I will get one!

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