August 8, 2011

Fun in the Sun on the Lake

Jason and I were able to spend some quality time at the lakehouse. A week ago Saturday we went up for the day and enjoyed some time on the pier and on the boat with my parents and their dog, Sophie. Cooper absolutely loves being in the water and playing with Sophie. Non-stop playing with Sophie.


Sophie and Cooper swimming

Later in the week Jason and I headed up again to enjoy one of my days off from school. We drove up late after small group on Wednesday. While Jason worked on Thursday I hung out by the lake hoping to relax with a good book in the sun. Cooper had other ideas. He was like a toddler with how much attention he required. He was jumping in and out of the water (never forgetting to shake half the lake off on me every time he came out of the water.) He must have jumped in and then swam to the ladder to jump in again over and over about 20 times. When he wasn't in the water he'd run back and forth between the neighbors yards and ours (many times going way out of the yard he's allowed in) which meant I didn't get to relax much since I was constantly having to get up to get him back in our yard or throw a ball or stick on the water or go pick up a pile of poop. But I have to admit, it was one of the happiest I have even seen Cooper so it made it all worth it. Once Jason was done working we were able to go to dinner at one of my favorite little Italian places then ended the evening with a bon fire. It was a great day with great weather with my favorite dog and the best husband!

LOVES swimming

One of the many times I had to get up to chase after him, he beat me back to my chair and got my towel nice and wet. He makes me laugh :)

He found a stick...a really big stick

One of the many times he jumped in the water, he came back with a dead fish in his mouth...caught me a little off guard.

So cute!

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  1. SO GREAT! Love it! Cooper needs to visit Lake Geneva soon - there are many friends for him up there!