August 11, 2011

Lollapalooza 2011

Last weekend was Lollapalooza 2011. We both love going and the people watching pretty much pays for itself! This year was the first that all three days had sold out and I felt that was very obvious on Friday with how crowded it was. We were able to see a ton of bands and listen to a lot of music throughout the weekend.

Friday night my favorite part was seeing Coldplay. My favorite picks for Saturday was seeing My Morning Jacket for a few songs and then Eminiem. (they were playing at the same time) Sunday's highlights were seeing Damien Marley and Deadmau5. Sunday was cut short by the rain and plain exhaustion from being there for 3 days. We got stuck in the rain for about 40 minutes of a downpour. We finally dried off enough for about an hour and a half and then then the rain expectantly came again. It actually added a lot to the event and gave us even more to see as far as people watching goes. The mud was unreal, Grant Park was transformed into a giant puddle. It's a miracle Jason or I didn't fall, it was extremely slippery.

Through the weekend, I created a list as I was there for the three days that I was going to share of all the crazy things we saw, but looking at the list now, nothing can quite explain the experience that Lolla is, which is what has kept us going back each year. If you haven't ever been and are in Chicago when Lolla is here, I would definitely add it to your list of things to do. Like I keep saying, it is an experience in itself; it's a bonus if you get to see bands you love!

Not even through the gates and this is in front of me...Lolla is people watching at it's finest :)

Being tourists in front of Buckingham Fountain

pictures cannot capture the number of people there

Coldplay - complete with lazers and fireworks

Friday night

Saturday during the day

Sunday after the first rainfall - so happy the sun came out to dry us off

Laura and I

Brothers and sister-in-laws

Sunday night


Right after the 2nd downpour (or maybe it was still raining?) Look at the water in the background!! It was a lake there!

Drenched part 2 -- again look at the grass turned lake behind us


  1. LOVE the blue dress!!! Glad you had fun!

  2. love the chi town pics- makes me miss the city and where is that new Marylyn statue? crazy big- You both look awesome! hope you are great!