August 22, 2011

Wedding #1 of 2011

So we have a few weddings in a very short periods of time and the first one kicked off this past Friday. We went to Sioux City, Iowa for Jason's cousins wedding. We headed out on Thursday morning and Jason had to work so I was able to drive. Man, did that help with the long trip! We also broke it up a little with a stop to Target, then hit some really bad storms (enough hail to actually dent Jason's car) and then finished it off with dinner at Olive Garden. I think it ended up being about 11 hours once all was said and done but sure didn't feel like it!

The view in my rear view mirror -- he loves sticking his nose out the window.
He is the best "road tripping" dog!!!

The early signs of the storm

creepy and eerie -- after about 2 more minutes we could not see 4 feet outside our window

this was at about 5:00pm -- look how dark it was!

On Friday we were able to spend some time with many of Jason's family from both sides of his family. We saw his grandparents and then his grandma and several of his aunts. At the wedding we were able to spend time with even more of his family including his mom and Mark. The wedding was beautiful and fun. The bride, Stacey looked gorgeous! After the wedding Jason brought me around Sioux City and showed me the church and school his grandpa started and where many of his family have taught and attended) He showed me a house his grew up in and many other family memories of the town. It was a fun trip down Memory Lane for him and I loved seeing a big part of his childhood.

With the bride, Stacey :)

love getting dressed up :)

On Saturday we spent some time with his mom and Mark. I also went for a run along the country roads which was quite an experience. I took Cooper with me who ended up covered in burs. Thanks Judy, Bonnie and Jason for getting all of them off!

The view from my Saturday morning run...we were in the heart of the country!

The roadtrip home on Saturday also didn't seem nearly as long. I really think I'm starting to get used to this roadtripping thing. :)

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