March 10, 2011

Bedding Pillows and More Pillows!!

When I was little, I remember many morning when my mom would have me help her make her bed. One of us on one side, pulling up the covers and the other on the other side. I remember us laughing and saying we were the best bed makers and should go into business making beds for people because we did it so well together. Well besides those bed-making days with my mom, I've hated making my own bed. I despised it. I remember (wonderful mom that she is ;-) she always made me make my bed but it was a constant struggle. She probably gave up by the time I was in middle school realizing I was a lost cause.

When I lived in a studio apartment in Boystown I had to make my bed on a daily basis because anytime anyone would come into my apartment, they'd (obviously) see my bed. I'm sure you can imagine the excitement when I moved to Southport which had a door attached to my bedroom! I probably only made my bed a total of 4 times when I lived there. (the four times my mom visited!)

Well, as luck would have it, I married a man who makes their bed every day. Seriously, what guy makes his bed every day? Yep, I found the only one, my husband makes his bed. Every Day. So part of being married means meeting his expectations. One of them is that I'm expected to make the bed every day. Awesome. It's a constant struggle every morning. And the best part is that back when we created our wedding registry, the girly side of me got this great idea to buy all these matching pillows for our bed. Seven of them. Three Euro shams, two shams and two throw pillows. Are you kidding me?! We all know how much I love sleep so of course I'm the last to rise and while he makes his side of the bed, I'm still stuck making mine and throwing all (seven!!) pillows on. One thing is for sure. I will never ever buy more than 2 pillows for our future bedding set. At least he's super understanding for my need to have a very messy room and lets me stash just about everything you can think of on my side of the bed where no one can ever see! :)


  1. I love this blog it always opens my eyes to the real truth! I remembered complaining to my Mom, when Stephanie was young, about how her room was always messy and she wisely said "don't worry about it, she will be different when she has her own place". Of course she was right; for the 3 years Stephanie lived down in the city and I went to visit her, her place was always clean and her bed was MADE!! Now I know the truth, it was only because I was there for a visit. Thanks Jason for convincing Stephanie it is a good thing to make your bed each day:) Love, Mom

  2. Steph! You are so cute! I love this post :)
    I am a stickler for bed making too! Al gets a little irritated when I try to make it when he's still IN it though! Ooooopss!