March 15, 2011

And if Our God is For Us

A few weeks ago, Jason and I went to Big Willow for church because I had to do some schoolwork out in the burbs. While there, we heard that Chris Tomlin was going to be on his "And if Our God is For Us" Tour at church on Friday, March 11. When I heard that they were selling tickets in the bookstore immediately following the service I was practically trampling people trying to get upstairs to buy tickets. I knew that Jason's mom and stepdad really enjoy Louie Giglio (who does the message during the concert) and since we only had a couple minutes to decide how many tickets we wanted, we went ahead and got them tickets and hoped they'd be able to come. In that same second we decided to get my parents tickets and in the rare chance, they'd also be able to make it. As it turned out, both families said they could join us!

The concert was amazing, even better than I expected...and I had high expectations because of past shows I've been to. It was such a powerful night complete with fellowship with our families and more importantly time to worship our amazing Lord. God has given Chris such an amazing gift and its incredible to see how he's transforming lives through his music. Christian or not, I highly recommend hitting up a Chris Tomlin concert, your life may forever be changed!

Close your eyes and take a listen...see if you feel anything. :)

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