March 2, 2011

Bones and Hooves

So am I seriously the only person who didn't know or realize that the dog bones that dogs chew on are actual bones!? Jason and I took Cooper to his first puppy class last night and he ended up being the only one at the class so we got an hour of private time with the trainer and will begin with a full class in a few weeks. During that time she brought out a bunch of dog toys and treats and Cooper's favorite ended up being a hoof. Jason made some comment about it being real and I didn't pay much attention until I picked it up after Cooper had been chewing on it and realized how it smelled like a farm. That is just gross! Not only is it disgusting that my dog is happier than he's ever been when he's chewing on a deceased animals hoof but also at the idea that I am paying for the poor animal to be slaughtered for my dogs pleasure. I'm not joining PETA or anything like that. After-all, I do love my morning milk and cheese and and when I don't take the time to think about it, I also love a steak or hamburger every once in a while! It was just a crazy revelation that I realized this has been going on my whole life and naive me thought they were just some fake bones that looked like real bones. This will forever change the way I think when I read my kids books such as Clifford and he's carrying some big bone!

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  1. my parents used to give our dog things like hooves and dehydrated pig ears or something bizarre like that to chew on and he loved it. i'd prefer to think that it's all made of milkbones and doesn't include any real animal parts!