March 7, 2011

Monday Randomness

It appears that the only way I'm able to stay afloat via the blog is to just ramble because I don't have time to sit and write all the individual posts about awesome things that are going on and want to share. Instead I'll have another rambling post to catch up until we meet again which will probably have to wait until next week.

Life is just flying by with a lot of great thing!! However, as I've stated in many past posts, school is really kicking my butt. In a big way. In addition to school, everything seems to be happening at once. Love our little puppy but the timing of bringing him home has been a huge distraction in more than a few ways. He requires a lot of work and just like a newborn baby, everyone wants to see him (okay, so honestly it's more like I am so proud to show him off to EVERYONE) that we have all these dates to meet up with friends/family or setting up playdates with anyone and everyone who has a dog for Cooper to play with. So with schoolwork accumulating, and then having the responsibility of the puppy and wanting everyone to meet him before he's too big (he is growing like a weed, a few inches per week!) Then with leading our small group once a week, which kicked in around the same time that school started to get crazy and when we got Mr. Cooper, I think I may have just a little too much on my plate. I'm trying to keep it all in perspective, not allowing the amount of work I have to do take away from the joys in life. In 3 weeks, school will be out and I'll have so much more time to relax and enjoy Cooper, but at the same time he'll be 13 weeks old and I'll never be able to get back all the days that have past when he was just 10 weeks or 11 week, etc. I know looking back, this will be one of the happiest times that i wish I could get back with Cooper, so I'm determined to enjoy it while it's here. He seriously is such a sweet, loving and CUTE puppy. He's been such a joy to have around and I am confident he is also strengthening our marriage.

The really fabulous part of all this though is that there are only 3 more weeks and I get a break for a full week! Two of my classes are done in two weeks, the other two go an additional week. I have so many big projects due by then so the anxiety and racing heart rate kick in.

We did have a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Thursday we were able to meet my parents for dinner to celebrate my birthday (which is a post I wanted to write about but couldn't make the time.) Cooper got to meet my parents dog, Sophie. Cooper LOVES his cousin Sophie...Sophie can't wait to show Cooper how to swim this summer! Saturday we had Brandon's 1st birthday party and then my great friend Stacy and her husband come down with their puppy/dog. Cooper barked the entire time they were here and had a blast. It was good to see both Stacy and her husband. (and the pizza was delicious too!) Sunday was church then I went to go to the burbs to do more schoolwork on my cousins kids. (that specific schoolwork is the source of much of my frustration this quarter) While we were out there we brought Cooper over to meet my grandma and then we also went out to dinner with her. My brother happened to be in the area so he stopped in to meet Cooper. (and I got to see Kaylee!!) It was a jam packed weekend of wonderful memories with family and friends and I am forever grateful.

One last rambling for the day, I definitely am only taking 3 courses next semester which will push back my graduation from Dec '11 to June '12. Long story short, 3 classes/quarter is considered full time and you must get approval to take anymore that that and I can't get approved, even though I am taking 4 this quarter. (maybe the director has been reading my blog and knows how stressed I am?! LOL) I've been pretty discouraged knowing it's going to push back all my classes by a whole quarter and then pushing graduation back by 2 quarters (they don't have a March graduation) but I am confident that God has a hand in all this and though I may be discouraged now, I am sure He sees the big picture and has it all worked out for me. Already since the day I found that out, I have already realized some major perks to this situation. I now will be student teaching and attending job fairs when schools are hiring. Plus with my course load being lowered, I will hopefully not be feeling the pressures that I am this quarter to which I can only say YAHOO!!!!

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  1. I really want to meet Cooper but am so scared Lucy will eat him. I am impressed that you have taken him around so many other dogs.
    Sending you happy thoughts!!!!!!!