March 28, 2011

Day One of Spring Break '11

Today was my first official day of spring break! And what a great day it was! I began the day by sleeping in, which has a whole new meaning now that we have a puppy, it means still getting up at 6:30 to let Cooper out (on the mornings that he is my responsibility, which today was) and then basically laying in bed for over an hour, then eventually falling asleep until 9:30. It was so great, not having to get out of bed to begin a day of homework! I had a manicure and pedicure scheduled which was left-over from the wedding festivities that I bought back in April of '10. Then I had lunch at Panera where I was able to enjoy some time reading more of my book. After lunch, I went to get a facial from Ulta (thanks Carli for sharing the great deal -- Two for the price of one!). I came home and planned the dinner menu for the week and went grocery shopping. Jason grilled out tonight so I didn't even need to cook -- thanks Jason! After dinner, we brought Cooper to the dog park. Man, was it cold! The past 3 days have been miserable with the winds! But with the amount of energy Cooper has, it's not really a choice anymore so we have to take him out. Plus, he loves, loves, loves it! He met a female goldendoodle puppy, Abby, who is just a month older than him. He was in love and played with her until she had to leave. As cold and miserable as I was, it was so much fun to see Cooper loving life! I finished the night off by ordering my textbooks that I'll need just one week from today. So very thankful for the awesome day of downtime and pampering! I guess the work-out routine will have to begin tomorrow...or the day-after??

I tried taking a pic of my fingers and toes but my toes just aren't all that pretty unless it has the ocean or palm trees behinds it! Plus, how cute is this picture of Sam in the background in the box we got from CostCo. He's just so cute...and so are Cooper's toys laying all over! :) Life is good!

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  1. Love the color you chose, and I agree, Sam is adorable in the background!! :)