April 10, 2010

Library Card!!

This is my new library card. First time I have ever had a library card! I grew up in unincorporated West Chicago so we didn't get to use the library, park district, pool, etc. (without paying out of resident fees!) I thought I had to wait until I was living in Chicago again to get the card so I had Jason get one that I was going to use, but truth be found that all you need is your license...which mine still has my Chicago address on it. I am so excited! Today we checked out 7 CD's but I plan to do some research to find some books soon! Plus, what I am most excited about is that while I was in there I realized what a perfect spot to study!! I've always been into the library to study but National-Louis doesn't really have a library...and this one is literally next door to Jasons (AKA, my future home!)

I cannot wait to use this card every week! (to check out books...the studying thing, well it's not that exciting!)

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