April 5, 2010

Chicago with a Car

Last week I was sitting outside a Starbucks and a tow truck pulled up. Within literally 3 minutes, it had pulled away with this car behind it. Yes the car was parked illegally but have you ever experienced coming back to your car and having it not be there? It's so scary and it is not an easy task to get your car back...not to mention the cost to get it back! So after seeing this I thought I'd share my past month of parking in Chicago.

There's been no parking allowed by Jason's house due to some construction. So I've been parking in the Visitors lot, AKA "the courtyard." Last month, I find my car with a $120 ticket for not having a city sticker on my car! It was March! Don't you think I'd have a city sticker on my car by now if it was registered here?! (they begin July 1!) In order to contest it, I had to get a new registration card printed by the Secretary of State (no, having a copy in my car would be way too organized and easy!), make copies and write a letter to the City. Seriously a big pain.

Then last week I was parked at the gym in their parking garage. I get back to my car with a warning sticker saying that I was illegally parked because I was "taking up two spots" and that next time I would be towed! I literally had to get out of my car to see what they were talking about. Yes, in fact, I was parked over my line, but only by about a quarter of an inch! The next day I was there I decided to take pictures of how everyone parks there to show how unnecessary this notice was. Needless to say now when I go, I make sure I'm parked perfectly between the lines (even if this does mean having to up pass up a bizzilion spots that I can't fit into anymore)

Parking in Chicago is the biggest pain...even when you think you're legally parked they'll find a way to get ya! And if you ever want to park in a meter, forget about it! No one can afford those anymore! And don't get me started with potholes in the city...the last time I had a tire blow from hitting one, I just never heard back from the city who claimed to have a system in place to help pay back your cost for new tires! A year and a half later, I still wait.

At least it's Spring! Maybe I'll start leaving my car safely in my lot in Wheaton and take the Metra here and walk everywhere...at least the CTA is on time, clean and reliable in Chicago! (that was a joke for anyone reading who hasn't experienced!)

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