April 7, 2010

I'm a Grad Student!

I have completed my first week of grad school and I can still hardly believe it! Even tonight I had to enter my information into this website for my portfolio and I had to check the box for "graduate school" and I just shook my head saying, "Wow, I'm in grad school." What was even more exciting was that I had to pass COD to get home tonight and every time I pass that school it brings back memories. How much I have struggeled with school since the first time I went there to apply. The school doesn't even have the same entrances and buildings as it did when I attended and I mean come on, it wasn't that long ago! I'm just really excited to be journeying down this road in my life. I know it's a long road ahead and many many hours of studying, writing and observing students but I am excited. I can only imagine what kind of classroom setting I'll be teaching in a few years from now. A new chapter has begun!


  1. It's just great!! Good for you!!! One step at a time!