April 21, 2010

Happy Tax Day!

I've never gotten anything worth mentioning back from my taxes and have often had to pay instead. This last year I have been earning next to nothing to live off...but have been blessed by my parents who allow me to live in their apartment building much cheaper than my Chicago apartment and have an amazing fiance who takes me out for delicious meals and entertainment. I really can't complain too much, right? But when I see the amount of money that's taken out of my unemployment check each month it baffles my mind. But I was really shocked and overly excited when I got my tax return and it was more than I'd ever imagined! I really needed a new computer for my schoolwork. Being that Jason's just a tad savvy with computers we headed off to Best Buy to price them out. He managed to cut a deal with the manager and we got a really nice hp with all the tools I'll ever need for school and all the fun features I'll need for wedding planning, pictures, blogging, and whatever else technology comes up with in the next couple years!

Plus, I was able to buy Jason his wedding band which was something I had no idea how I would be able to purchase. But I am proud to say I was able to buy him just the perfect ring and cannot wait for him to wear it in September!

Plus I have a little extra remaining, which will be put toward something I am very passionate about and the rest will be saved. Not a bad deal at all! Now if I could just figure out a way to make the student loans disappear in a couple years!

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