January 16, 2012

We Can MOVE!

After last weekend in Colorado I was beyond excited about our future move but we still weren't sure when that was going to happen.  The day before we moved to our new place on Irving, we learned that the closing of our condo wasn't going to happen on the scheduled date of December 15 due to the lender not approving the loan.  Long story short, it wasn't because of the buyers financial state but instead was due to the number of CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) units and rentals in our building...all things that we or the buyer cannot control.  The night that we learned of the news, we were told that the buyer may have been scared away by the number of CHA units in our building (though we quickly learned that that number was incorrect) but we all know how easily they could turn away from our unit and move on to find another house.

We were literally less than 12 hours hours from moving out so we decided that we'd move forward on faith.  How could God have brought us that far with everything being so easy and perfect to just close the door on us?  Saturday morning we moved. Then we prayed and prayed.

It's been a long month of not knowing.  I haven't really moved in and unpacked boxes.  Knowing we are moving out in March is one thing, but thinking there was a possibility of moving back to Old Town,\ I just couldn't bring myself to unpack.  But as the month went on, we learned that we were getting closer and closer to clear for closing.  Finally, after learning that the closing was scheduled on Wednesday we learned that we weren't cleared to close and would have to wait another week or so.  Then on Tuesday we learned again that we were clear to close on Wednesday at 2:30.  I waited all day for the text from Jason and it finally came around 3:45.  Everything was finalized. We no longer owned the condo in Old Town!!  We went out that night to celebrate but it still hasn't really sunk in.

I've been freaking out all week trying to figure out how I'll see everyone enough times before I move.  That with adjusting to my new schedule of working every day (more to come on that!), I haven't really accepted it all.  I am super excited to move though.  I can't explain the relief it is to know we are moving the end of March and can finally move forward in planning our lives together.

Thank you so much for all who have been praying. God has certainly had his hand in ALL of this from the very beginning.  So thankful to have His direction and guidance through it all.

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