January 6, 2012

The In Colorado Post

So I've been in Colorado for about 36 hours.  I was very excited to make the trip our here by myself but obviously very nervous about taking my test tomorrow.  Everything has gone along really well since Jason dropped me off at the airport.  I got an aisle seat in the second row on the flight when I was like one of the last ones who got to board (Southwest).  We landed over a half hour early and I was greeted in Denver by sunny skies and about 60 degrees which eventually turned to 70 degrees!!  The best part was that when I went to get my rental car it was the car I've been DYING to drive because I am/was hoping to some day own.  (A Mazda CX9).  I was overjoyed, practically jumping up and down when I saw it.  (It's the little things.)

After getting settled in my hotel and kicking myself for not bringing my running shoes and clothes for the bike path that is literally outside my front door, I hit the roads to look at some houses/neighborhoods that are for sale.  I spent the whole day exploring the area we hope to move to and getting so excited to move here.  Everything is so new and different and the air is just so fresh! So fresh (or shall I say thin?) that I've had a headache since I got here and huff and puff after only walking up a flight of stairs but know after a while I'll adjust. Oh, and the dryness has caused me to go through about a gallon of lotion and 10 lip balms...just in 36 hours. I hit the hay very early since I was exhausted after being up at 5:00. (little different from the 9:00 wake-up I've been experiencing the past few weeks!)

I had a sleepless night filled with some really random nightmares (tend to have this when I sleep in new places...it's great. :)  I spent the morning doing my devotions then headed up north to the high school where my test will be tomorrow. I needed to scope out the route and get a feel for where it'll be so I can be on time tomorrow.  I then met with a leasing agent where we hope to rent when we move until we found our permanent home.  Again, I fell in love.  They even have a big dog park that has Coopers name ALL over it.  The rest of the afternoon was spent checking out more neighborhoods and houses to get a feel for the area.  I finished up the night with a movie, "Young Adult" (don't waste your time on this one) and now here I am with nothing on the TV and no one to talk to so...I'm spending tonight with you. :)

I cannot even put into words how excited I am to move here.  It is more of a reality being here alone because I know once we move Jason will be busy with work and I will be in desperate need for my "human interaction" as I call it.  I'm really lonely but am convinced that if I can get through the first year or so and meet people, I will really love it here. I am most excited to raise our kids here.  I believe it will be such a great place to grow up with so much to do!  I kept thinking all day, if I could just pack up all my friends and family this would be the greatest place in the world for me. Won't you all just pack up and move out here with us?! Since that probably isn't going to happen, I just pray that I'll meet people and quickly.  I really believe this is where we're being called to. I'm also at peace that we'll rent for a little while so if not...we can move back.  But I must say...it's truly like another world out here.

I'm so excited for this next chapter of my life...for the little taste of it this weekend.  And at the same time I am so excited I get to go back home and live it up in Chicago with my friends and family until we are able to make the move here.

Please say a prayer for me and this test tomorrow.  I'm nervous about how I'll sleep tonight after my sleepless night last night and the test itself.  Then it's "go-time!" for the test!  I'm meeting Jason's step sister for lunch afterwards then hope to find a church to attend tomorrow night before I leave on Sunday.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that crazy warm spring-like weather!

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