January 8, 2012

The In Colorado Post Part Two

Hi!!  I am all done with my test!!  I am overjoyed! I had no idea it was weighing me down as much as it was, but it is OVER.  Last night was another unsuccessful night of sleep, tossing and turning and then finally waking up at 4am.  No nightmares though so that was nice. :)

I got out of bed around 5:00am and was out of the hotel by 6:00.  I was able to find a Panera that opened literally the minute I drove up at 6:30.  As I was driving to the school about 3 miles out I just started freaking out and started crying.  By the time I pulled up to the school I was sobbing.  I was so incredibly nervous...I felt so much pressure to have to pass this test after spending all this money to come all the way here.  I am also sure the tears were a result of the lack of sleep (I cry really easily when I'm tired) but I also felt a lot of pressure to pass this thing. (I'm slightly embarrassed I'm admitting how much I lost it!) But once I got there I ended up being switched classrooms that only had 4 people taking tests (the class I was supposed to be in had at least 30 people...and when I took my LBS-1 test in IL it had about 100 people in it, so I was SO relieved!)  I have the hardest time staying focused when someone coughs or clears their throat so having just 4 people in the room was wonderful!  I think I did okay on the test. I won't find out until Jan 23 but I feel okay about it.  There were about 4 questions pertaining specifically to Colorado law but I did my best.  I'm praying I passed, praying, praying, praying.

After the test I felt such a huge relief and was on Cloud 9. I met Jason's step sister for some great conversation and sushi in some cute town...I think it was the Highland(s) neighborhood? Super cute area.

After lunch I drove back to my hotel hoping to head back out to check out the mall near where we plan to move but pretty much passed out as soon as I got home.  I took a nice little nap and woke up to snow!  I have been loving the extremely mild winter in Chicago so definitely not complaining but really miss the snow, so was really excited to be able to enjoy it here tonight!

Now that I was well rested I headed up to a church in Parker for worship.  It was a nice church but made me realize how much I am going to miss Willow. There's nothing quite like a church experience once you've been to Willow and we've pretty much made S. Barrington our church home for the past several months.  I'm thankful I get to go home and enjoy it these last couple months and pray we can find the right church when we move here.

After church I got dinner to-go and a Redbox movie and drove home in the snow (realizing again how much I love the Mazda and how well it handled the snow!)

Came home and chatted with the husband for a very long time (I miss him..a lot.) and was so excited to watch my movie but my computer can't read the DVD...so here I am. Again, spending my night with you. :)  Thanks for keeping me company and reading.  I LOVE this state and am so excited to move here.

SO thankful the test is over and a huge thank you to everyone who facebooked and texted me today. I felt the love and really felt the prayers while I was taking the test. I long for the day when I never have to take another test again.  I know that is a long time from now...so thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Love to you all and I'll bring some snow in my carry-on home to Chicago!  See you all in Chicago! xoxo


  1. YAY!!! The test is over and I'm sure you did great! I'm so happy you felt so at home in Colorado and can't wait to visit you there in the future ;-)

  2. i'm glad the test is behind you! i'm sure you did well! thank you for leaving the snow in colorado. :)