September 21, 2011

Virginia and Rich's wedding

On Saturday Jason and I headed over to Michigan for another wedding...this time for Virginia and Rich.  It was  our anniversary weekend so I was already in super romantic-mode before we even left!  I was so excited to be at a wedding the same night as our wedding (I still was thinking of ours being on a Saturday since ours was on a Saturday...I didn't pay much attention to the actual date until the next day).

The wedding was just beautiful.  It was held at Virginia's parents home in Michigan with the wedding ceremony overlooking Lake Michigan and the dinner in the front yard under tents.  It was a very intimate wedding with only their friends and family and it was so noticeable the entire day/evening.  The wedding party was just their siblings (and their dog!).  It was a short and sweet ceremony but full of love and a few moments of silliness.  You could really see the joy of both Virginia and Rich all through the ceremony.

All through the night I was trying to figure out how I'd explain the details of the wedding. Several days later and I am still at a loss of words. Not a single detail was left out but it was so simple and elegant but yet so exquisite.  I felt like I was attending a wedding straight out of a bridal magazine but even better!  It was beautiful, just beautiful.

Jason and I went over by the lake and relived that night of our own watching the sunset just as we did in Mexico the year before at our rehearsal dinner.  Because it was a more intimate wedding I felt as though we could all be together and truly celebrate the night with the bride and groom and their friends and family.  We all danced the night away and ate the most delicious cake!  The night was topped off with fireworks over the lake, the perfect touch to the already perfect evening for the bride and groom and their guests.

Thank you VA and Rich for inviting us to be part of your very special day! If your marriage is any bit of a reflection of your wedding day, you are set up for a beautiful marriage and life together! We wish you nothing but the best as you journey together through the wonderfulness of this beautiful thing we call marriage!  Congratulations!!

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