September 12, 2011

A New Week (and schedule) and my LAST Quarter of Grad School!!!!

I am thrilled that this is my first week back to school of my LAST quarter of grad school! I cannot believe it! This week is going to be amazing too because I have a schedule again which I really really need. My week begins maybe a little less than happy because I have a dentist appointment and am pretty sure there's a cavity or two in there but the afternoon gets much better with the Ellen show being all new at 3:00...DVR is set in case I'm not here. Class number one begins tomorrow morning then Parenthood begins all new tomorrow night. YAY! Wednesday I picked up a babysitting job for a mom's group. So anywhere from 5-8 little kiddos running around like crazy in someones basement. Not as exciting on that one but at least it's a little income and gets me up and out of the condo. Right after that, I get to bring Cooper out to the burbs to play with Sophie at the suburban dog park - AKA Coopers idea of Heaven. Thursday morning is the beginning of class number two. Friday I begin a class at Willow South Barrington about the Fruits of the Spirit that I am very excited to start! Saturday is my dear friend Virginia and Rich's wedding in Michigan which means we will wake up on our anniversary to celebrate all things love with some hiking or canoeing or other outdoor activities together. :) Oh happy week...I'm so glad you're here and am sooooo glad to be in my final quarter of grad school. Happy, happy me. :)

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