September 5, 2011

Last Week of "Working"

So this past week was my last of babysitting and the week before a long holiday weekend. The weather was great and got really hot which I LOVE. My babysitting schedule was switched up a little which worked out really well for me since I had a Bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal out in the burbs to attend on Friday. Jason was gone half the week too which meant some girly time for me and relaxation including a lot of take-out food which I have realized I really enjoy every once in a while...especially Chinese food!

Monday the weather was pretty warm but a nice breeze so I took little Jack to the Riverwalk. Jack fell asleep right when we got there so I was able to read outside for a bit while watching all the architecture boats come by. It was such a relaxing and peaceful afternoon. I feel like I don't really stop to enjoy the city much lately and this was a good half hour of enjoying the beautiful city life I will soon miss. The picture is from my walk to the riverwalk. :) My plans were canceled that night so I got to go for a run and I was actually able to run a little over 3 miles, so I am so excited that I can officially run a full 5k without walking. It is SO great to be able to run again pain free. I really hope this keeps up!

Tuesday I got in a nice long walk with Christy and Cooper. The weather was perfect. I got home much earlier than I had originally planned and being husbandless that night I wasn't really sure hot to occupy my time so I went to the gym and did my first spinning class in over a year. I forgot what a work0ut that is and how much I love it. The instructor was from Boston and said she missed the hills and since it was her bachelorette party this weekend she wanted to get a great hard workout in and was bringing us with her on her ride. Lets just say I took the elevator back up to my car in the garage. Awesome workout.

Wednesday night I went to Willow Creek for their "All Worship" night. I've been wanting to go for about a year now but have always had night class, small group or some other commitment. It was just what I needed in the middle of my week. A night of worship music -- one my my favorite ways to feel closer to God. Then I got to go pick Jason up from the airport.

Thursday was my last day of babysitting Jack so was kind of bittersweet for me. I am so excited to be that much closer to a "real job" but am going to miss my days with him and the extra cashflow was definitely nice! I finished up the night with Andrea for some sushi and a little too much wine.

All in all it was an amazing week. I felt like I got to relax a lot and get some things done that I have been wanting to do and just catch up on my alone time. I am so appreciate that Jason doesn't have to travel like he used to and that I can enjoy the time alone rather than missing him like before!

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  1. it was good to see you and catch up over sushi!