September 8, 2011

All Things Fall

I have always dreaded fall. When fall hits, it just means that winter is very quickly right behind which means no more flip flops, no more skirts and dresses, no more letting my hair air-dry. This year we went from temps in the 90's to fall...complete with typical Chicago wind and cool, "crisp" temperatures. Everyone's posting on their blogs and Facebook how nice it is to finally have their windows open and be sipping on Pumpkin Spice lattes. Well, where I live, we can't leave our windows open at night since we have two fire departments within 2 blocks who blast their sirens and lay on their horns which echo off the walls of the buildings around us, not to mention that we live on the corner of a very busy Chicago intersection where people blast their horns just for the heck of it. And I don't like pumpkin spice lattes. I have tried to like them. It's around this time of year that I see the Starbucks sign with their artistic little twirly letters sucking me in and begging me to buy one (at a whopping $4.73). And every year I cave and then want to spit it out after my first sip but can't do that for the price I just paid! So I must drink it all with a smile on my face as I'm supposed to be thinking how excited I am that fall is upon us once again.

This year I did my best to not be Debby Downer about the weather and season change. But it wasn't even a day into the dropped temperatures that I quickly learned that I have nothing to wear. Nothing. I don't even have a jacket which I (obviously) need because I get cold in any temperature under 82 degrees. The jackets I was sporting last fall are very out of style (like 5 years old out of style...that happens when you worked non-profit, then lost your job and now are a grad student and doing everything I can to not spend my husbands well-earned money on something I don't really even enjoy -- I'd much rather spend his well-earned money on dining out, movie popcorn, street fests, date night or just about anything other than clothes!). Back to my point, it's a necessity so I thought I'd try to cheer myself up and embrace this weather the best I can and go shopping with some leftover birthday money (yes my birthday was back in February!).

I met my mom in the burbs and went to the local mall and ended up coming home with nothing. Absolutley nothing. Well that's not entirely true, I did buy a sweatshirt for Jason and a cute "my aunt loves me" outfit for Kaylee. But nothing for me which was the intended point of the trip.

I hate shopping. Hate it. I swear I am missing the girly gene that every girl has. I hate shopping, hate gossip, hate reality TV shows and all the other girly things girls love. How do I not like shopping? I even had money to spend and I still hate it. I've always joked that I need a personal shopper but it is coming to the point that I need one. And ever since I've gained weight I feel like nothing fits how it's suppose to, so I just give up before I even try them on. At this point I've decided that the one thing I really need is a jacket. That way I can at least cover up my bad out of date clothes and leave the house without freezing to buy some better clothes to go eventually sport without the jacket on.

In the meantime, since I know it'll be a while before I find anything I like, if you're interested in being my personal shopper, I'll hire you for $5 an hour. ;-) I think that's a steal! You get to spend my money and do what I keep every girl except me loves to do - shop! Hey, I'll even throw in the $4.73 so you can enjoy a pumpkin spice latte while doing the shopping! Who is in?!


  1. Pre Miles days, I would have jumped at your personal shopper idea!! I used to do that for my neighbors :)

    I am sooooo with you on this post!!!!! TRYING to like Fall just isn't happening! LOL!

  2. i love fall! the problem is, i hate winter and would like fall to proceed straight to spring and on to summer. as for your shopping woes, i'm not a whole lot of help. i don't love shopping either. if you (or your soon-to-be-determined personal shopper) find anything cute, let me know! :)

  3. The weather is the BEST part of where I live. While I miss Chicago...I do NOT miss the weather. AT ALL!