September 26, 2011

Oh Stephanie...RELAX.

So as I've shared, Jason and I are going to Mexico for our honeymoon in a little less than two months so we obviously need to bring Cooper somewhere while we're not here.  Jason and I bought a youswoop for dog boarding that we thought we'd use so I just called to get him all set up and as I was talking to the lady, I had teeny tiny tears welling up in my eyes!  How sad is that!?  He is a DOG!  And a dog who I have been VERY mad at all weekend because he is out of control barking and biting and just being a very bad puppy who is not listening.  So here I am the next day and I am practically crying because I have to drop him off for a week while we're gone?  What is wrong with me?

In my defense, we brought Cooper to a dog boarding place he's never been to last weekend while we were at a wedding and we were told he didn't do well at all. :( He was very timid and hiding in the corner and wouldn't play with any dogs. When we travel he doesn't eat so he didn't eat his dinner or breakfast while he was there. When we are home in Chicago and bring him to the dog park he plays with every dog (even those twice the size of him) and pretty much wants nothing to do with us, so I was shocked to hear how timid he was.  When I think about it, it makes sense because he hadn't ever been there before and LOVES people and when we do leave the dog park (to throw away poop) he stands at the gate until we're back in.  But I mean, come on!

I'm SURE he'll be fine. I am going to set up a couple trial afternoons before we drop him off for an entire week, but oh my gosh!  If I'm like this with a DOG, what will I be like with kids?  Someone please smack me over the head!

*in this picture he is waiting to go out for a walk...I had to run to the bathroom before we left and he won't leave the door if he knows we're going out. :)

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