February 28, 2010

Tow-to-One Pre-Marital Class

Jason and I have been spending the past 7 Friday nights at Willow's pre-marital class called Two-to-One. The class is not yet offered at our campus in Chicago so Jason has had to leave work early every Friday and take the train out to Wheaton where I'd pick him up and we'd drive together to the 2 1/2 hour class. South Barrington. The class was presented by a different couple on a different topic each week:
  • Week One: The Designer's Plan -- Discover God's design for marriage
  • Week Two: Let's Unpack! Recognize the influence of family backgrounds
  • Week Three: Hardwired to Communicate -- Learn effective communication
  • Week Four: Fighting Fair -- Resolve conflict successfully
  • Week Five: Purely Intimate -- Understand God's perspective on sexual intimacy
  • Week Six: Essentials of the Heart -- How to connect emotionally
  • Week Seven: Marital Mindfields -- Identify and own contribution made to failed relationships
The class provided a safe environment to discuss the topics which they presented on and was not quiet about how much work goes into a successful marriage. It was extremely insightful and I highly recommend it to all engaged couples, regardless of your beliefs.

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