February 2, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew!

Andrew turned 3 a little over a week ago. I was lucky enough to babysit him the night of his birthday. Eating his dinner was a bit of a challenge for him that evening but we still got in a few minutes to play with Thomas, Percy, Gordan and Rosie. To say he likes his trains would be an understatement. Andrew doesn't just like playing with trains, he IS a train, depending on the day he will be James, Gordan, Billy or others.

This past Sunday Jason and I were invited to his birthday party. He had so much fun opening all his presents and blowing out his candles on his cake. After every present he opened he gave hugs to those who gave them. He is so well mannered and polite. When it was time for his nap he went around hugging everyone and saying goodnight without a fight. I was so happy that Jason could be there to see Andrew. Poor Jason gets the full "Andrew report" every night I watch him, complete with what we played with, what kind of books we read and even if he went "poops or peeps." (okay well I don't always share that last part unless it's a large portion of the night, which as a recently potty-trained boy, the "poops" part can be.)

Happy 3rd Birthday Andrew! I'm so glad we could be there to celebrate and so glad I am part of your life and love watching you grow! Love you!

this was from the night before the birthday party when I was watching him

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