February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday! (to me!)

I love birthdays...especially when they're my own! I used to call February "birthday month" but after my 30th I decided that would be the last year I would have a party or make it some big deal. And this year it really felt different. I didn't even realize it was my birthday until the day before. Meredith took me out to dinner to a BYOB sushi place on North Ave and we had a great time catching up. Last year Jason was in Ohio on my birthday so she took me out and I think its started a tradition of birthday dinners with her. (yippy!)

On my birthday I met Ellis for lunch at English. She shares the same birthday as me...though she is 2 years younger. Something which I used to like back in the days when I got my drivers license or turned 21...these days I would prefer her to be 2 years older! In thee evening, Jason took me out to one of my favorite restaurants, Mia Francescas. The entire day I stuck with my diet having a salad for lunch and tasty salmon with spinach for dinner. It was delicious!

Last night Jason and I met my family out at one of my favorite suburban restaraunts, Antico Posto. Thursday nights are BYOB, no corkage fee so we all sipped wine and I ordered my favorite, angel hair pomodoro with extra mozzarella. (didn't keep with the diet that night!) It was a really nice week of festivities. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and a special thank you to Meredith, Jason and my family. Jason, I really appreciate you getting out of work on time and for taking the train to the burbs to be there with my family and me!

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad I'm part of your B-day traditions! Meredith