February 17, 2010

Im Going to be an Aunt!!!

I am so very excited to share that Shawn and Tiffany are expecting in August! They told us right after Christmas. They told my parents on Christmas but since we weren't there they told us when we celebrated together the following week. I was in tears when they gave us our last gift which was a pair of yellow baby socks!

This is also the reason we were waiting on the save the date's for those of you who know we were waiting to decide our final "local reception" date since they're due just a month before our wedding.

It's been killing me that I wasn't allowed to tell any friends until last week and family didn't find out until this past weekend. I am happy to be able to share the excitement. I've already picked out his/her first gift, let the spoiling begin!

This is going to be a huge year for the Russell's with a new baby and Jason and I getting married!
I'm going to be an aunt!!! (and Jason's going to be an uncle!!!)

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