September 20, 2009


I am very excited to share that Pearl Jam's new CD has been released!!! I think listening to my favorite bands new music is probably one of my favorite little things in life. (the pic is of the shelf at target where I bought it. HA!)

I said I would blog about the concert but I didn't have the time because it was the week I left for Mexico. The concert was great! Well worth the money (though it was a bit unfair that everyone paid the same price and we were higher than the nosebleed section while others were in front row) I'm hoping next time I'll luck out and be one of the people in the front row and those people will be in my seats. After having to miss them at Lolla (you'd think I'd be over being bitter about this by now?? ummm, nope.) I'd have thought I could have scored better tickets. Still an amazing night though and was glad I was even able to get tickets!!

song-of-the-day|"The Fixer"|by Pearl Jam (this is the only song I've really been able to listen to on the album since it was released a while I am sure there will be a better song that should be in it's place but I haven't had enough time to listen and evaluate the entire album yet! :)

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