September 20, 2009

My Boyfriend Needs a Garage!

I got to Jason's place earlier in the week and this is what I walked into.
(this is his living room)

He got the idea that we should make bean bag boards. He would design and construct them and I would be responsible for painting them. We were supposed to do this in my parents backyard but when he realized I wouldn't be able to do it this week because I had plans in the city he took it upon himself to start (and nearly complete) them the same day he came up with the idea.

It was one thing to see his living room like this but then I realized he was using his balcony to cut the wood. I seriously love this kid. What is hotter than a man who is good with tools (and is also techy!)?? If anyone needs a garage (and shed for his tools) it's Jason!

PS. these boards turned out great!! I'm slacking on finding the Cubs logo to paint on them them but I cannot wait to use them. Jason is so handy!

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