September 28, 2009

I Prayed Outloud!!

Another thing I realized I didn't share about -- last Monday at small group I finally prayed out loud!! I have had a fear or praying out loud but know it's something I need to get over if I ever want to lead a small group or mission trip (both of which I feel led to do in the next couple years) Jason and I pray before our meals, road trips and other times and I have prayed a few times in front of him but am still always nervous and cut it short. Last week our group split off into two groups to share prayer requests. After we shared our requests we were to pray for the person to our right. I've been in a small group before where this has come up and have had to pass before because I just couldn't do it. But last week I finally got up the courage and did it! I have been praying to be able to do this for such a long time and it felt so right! I was giddy the entire drive home! Then the next morning I went to my DuPage Willow Women's group (I joined this when I lost my job in an attempt to get plugged into suburban life) and our time ran very long. We had to do a quick closing prayer and if we had any prayer requests we were to say them during the closing prayer. I felt very led to share about my 2nd interview I had later in the day so I, again, prayed out loud...this time in front of about 15 women! Woo hoo!

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  1. Way to go Steph!!!! It's definitely intimidating to pray outloud!! I haven't officially done it yet...and probably won't for a while, but you inspire me to try! :)