September 30, 2009

Perfect Fall Day

Today was an absolutely gorgeous Fall day so I decided to take Sophie to the suburban dog park/forest preserve in Glendale Hts. I used to take Abby there when she was a puppy but haven't been back since and wow, was I was in for a treat! They have a path which I was told in a loop was 6 miles long surrounded by several ponds/lakes. I passed an area full of grasshoppers, a crane in the lake, many, many other dogs, birds and everything else you'd expect to find in the forest preserve. Sophie enjoyed every second of it. Running into the water every chance she could and sniffing every inch of the path. (and as far as she was allowed off the path!) At one point she even tried to eat the butterfly flying above her. Though I wasn't happy about that one, I had to smile. She was so excited!! I am going to bring her back when the leaves start to change, can't wait!
Her new friend, Wrigley.

Beautiful, peaceful crane

"Stephanie, you are too slow!!! Come on!!"

Right before she darted into the water again!

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