June 23, 2009

YAB Exec Board!

Yay, it was just confirmed that I am going to be on the Executive Board for the Young Associates Board affiliated with Children's Memorial Hospital!! I have always volunteered for a million organizations and last year decided it was time to nail it down and put most of my focus into one cause. I was accepted onto the Board in Augustish of '08 and immediately began serving on the Sponsorship Committee, which was still in the beginning stages of assembly. I also co-lead the Cubs Rooftop Event in May and have attended/volunteered for most of it's fundraising events. (Both service events I was supposed to volunteer for were canceled...booo - one due to Swine Flu, the other due to the torrential downpours we had last weekend.) I'm really excited to share some of my ideas and see what I can bring to the YAB's current and future members!! Woohoo!

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  1. No doubt in my mind that you will be a fabulous addition! Is that a volunteer position? It sounds like such an important position!