June 21, 2009

Children's Memorial - Race for the Kids 5k

This past Saturday, I ran the Children's Memorial, Race for the Kids 5k (formally the Loop the Loop for Kids.) I was pretty nervous about running the race...I haven't run an organized race since last July and though I have ran countless 5ks, 10k's and even a half marathon, I was just as nervous about this run as my first 5k. The injury from training for the marathon has done a lot to my ego and has me very cautious and constantly thinking I'm feeling pain when I am not. I have this crazy habit that I think I can't go for a quick run if I haven't been eating right or hydrating right...and then I have to remind myself I'm only going out for a couple miles...not 12 or 13 after doing 5 two days prior. Needless to say, I went to bed at a decent hour, got up at 6:00 and was out the door, breakfast and all by 7:00 to catch the el and then walk the mile from the Roosevelt stop to Soldier Field. I got there with just 2 minutes to spare...no joke. (maybe another post to follow about that!) Though this summer has been ridiculously cool and rainy all summer, we finally had a summer day! Really? This has to come the first day I was up at 6am for a run!? It was probably 70 degrees and the humidity was absurd! Started the race...first mile was pretty tough...came around the corner at Monroe, where I knew would be a water station, I grabbed my water and continued my run. I was running south along the outer part of the bike path along the lake...literally right along the lake toward Museum campus and Soldier Field in the distance. Absolutely gorgeous and made it all worth it! That last 1.6ish miles were really tough and I'll admit, I did have to walk (blaming that on the heat!) but it was incredible being out on the path that early and with so many families with children running for such a worth-while cause! That last leg of the run, we were running south and all the walkers who were right behind us were still walking north and were waving at family members who were running and some just cheering others on. It was a very powerful morning. Though I certainly didn't get much out of the run as far as my training schedule is considered, I definitely got something out of supporting Children's Memorial Hospital! Not to mention that I felt I had earned the right to have a bloody Mary with my breakfast later in the day! :)

song-of-the-day|"Life on a Chain"| by Pete Yorn

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