June 29, 2009

Road Trip! (and boat ride!)

My friend, Ellis, goes to Green Lake, WI every year with her family. Being that I have more than enough time on my hands, (as did she, she too was unemployed until today. YAY ELLIS!! CONGRATS!) she invited me up for a day or two. I originally wasn't able to go but then some plans fell through so I was able to head out. I had the best time driving the 3 or 4 hours out there. I love road trips by myself with my windows down and radio playing. Plus, I absolutely LOVE Wisconsin. It is so pretty and peaceful! The first night Ellis's family and I dined on some fine cooking by Ellis, and were then able to spend some time catching up. The following day, we were greeted by some storms which I thoroughly enjoyed. I sat out on their front porch and did my devotions and read a little Twilight. There's just something about thunderstorms when you don't have anywhere to be and a roof to protect you from the rain/lightning. It was so calming being so far away from all the city/suburban clutter. Not a care in the world...just me and the storm with a lake just a few acres away! Once the storm cleared up we went on a boat ride for a few hours. Again, just so peaceful. I couldn't get over how enormous the lake was! I guess I have been to Green Lake numerous times with my grandparents and also with my mom but I don't have any recollection? I do remember the fair and getting a gold fish that died which I've been told was at Green Lake, but I don't remember the actual lake. It was the biggest lake I've ever been on, it was amazing!! Then that night we hung out with Ellis's parents and other family-friends. Had s'mores both nights, good music, good company, good conversations and just over-all GOOD TIMES. Thanks Ellis for the invite! It was just what I needed last week!

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