June 7, 2009

Today's Run

I had the best run today! Yesterday was supposed to be my "long run"but I had a really bad headache and those two don't go well together. Sundays are usually my lazy, fun-days and don't involve anything more physical than walking to and from the el for church. However, skipping my "long runs" aren't really an option anymore. I've always wanted to start a blog about all the random crazy things I see on my runs. What I see along the way is half the fun of the run itself. So though these may not seem that extraordinary, they're interesting Chicago happenings" I wouldn't see while sitting at home or running on the treadmill!

I had Jason drop me off so I could have a little change of scenery. He dropped my at Dickens and Stockton and I wasn't paying much attention to where I was and just headed off in the direction of the path. As I'm still adjusting my volume on my ipod, I look to my left and see a camel! Yes, a camel in Chicago! I then realized I was running along side of Lincoln Park Zoo, so it wasn't really all that uncommon to see a camel, but in my mindset of dodging families with strollers and dogs being run along side of bicycles, I wasn't expecting to see a camel strolling along about 10 yards from me. As I journeyed along, I came to about 6 bunnies chasing each other in a secluded area of the park. So cute and very rare in the city! Once onto the bike path I saw a women lift her standard poodle up to the drinking fountain...all four paws onto the cement fountain so he could get a drink. Guess the giant lake about 20 yards wasn't good enough for this dog?! On my last leg of the run I passed by some little girls playing with toy fishing poles but casting them out to the street pretending it was a lake. On the opposite side of that street there was a young boy pushing his one bag of groceries down the street in a stolen Dominicks shopping cart. What a diverse neighborhood! There were several other sightings along the way making the run an adventure. Love the city and really starting to love my 1/2 marathon training! 56 more days!!

no song-of-the-day today...very odd.

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  1. LOVE the standard poodle picture you painted in my mind!! :)