June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson (8/29/58 – 6/25/09)

I know this is "old news" and the media has blown this way up, but the news hit me hard about Michael. I'm not speaking about the 2009 Michael, but it was the 80's Michael that I used to LOVE! I saw Michael Jackson on his Thriller tour at my first concert ever at Poplar Creek...probably around 4 years old. (correct me if it was a different tour, Mom!) I used to have my mom play the Thriller video (definitely check it out!) while I sat in "the big brown chair" watching it over and over and over again! I remember my legs wouldn't reach over, so I could see my feet. I just watched the video again the other night and can't believe how I remembered every detail of it! I also had a Michael Jackson doll the size of a Barbie. He was such a part of my childhood for a few years after having hit after hit after hit! I listened to a few of his CD's on my way home from Green Lake and had a dance party in my car, literally dancing and singing to all his tunes. Though the past 10+ years he has really gone wack-o, he meant a lot to me in the 80's! I recommend watching the Jackson 5 documentary if you haven't already watched it!

RIP Michael!

song-of-the-day|"Billy Jean"|by Michael Jackson (cheated again) Don't look at the comments on this link...totally inappropriate but I wanted to list this song!

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