February 7, 2012

Rings and a Cat

After being married for 17 months I finally got my rings soldered together and I'm wondering why I waited so long to do it. I have a certain someone to thank for helping me realize that I wanted to do it.

After I got married,I did some research on the Internet and asked around and all I heard was "don't do it!!" The main reason I heard was because if I ever wanted to wear just my wedding band I obviously couldn't once they were permanently joined together.

Well a few weeks ago I got out of the shower (the only time I take my rings off) and couldn't find my engagement ring anywhere. I usually put them on the counter and my wedding band was sitting right where I left it. However, my very playful cat, Sam, was also on the counter next to my wedding band with a sly grin on his face. After looking all over the counter, floor and everywhere in between I finally figured out it must have been knocked into the sink by Sam and fell down the drain.

I'm sure Jason was thrilled to be woken up by me asking him to take apart all the pipes and plumbing in the bathroom all before I had to leave in the next 15 minutes. Great guy that he is, he had the pipes apart and had my ring back on my finger in about five minutes. This situation surely only grew Jason's already profound love that he has for Sammie! (if you didn't catch the sarcasm...he's not a huge fan of my cat:)

Through this early morning experience I realized how much it bothered me going to work without my rings on so figured I'd never have a reason to wear just one at a time and made the appointment to have them soldered. Also while that was being done, I had them re-dip them (I'm sure there's a better word for that) and of course they cleaned them so it's like I have a brand new ring. My rings always stay together and they fit much better now so they're no longer flipping all the time. I didn't realize how annoying that was until I got them joined.

Moral of this story...when you have a playful kitty who follows you everywhere and bats around just about anything and everything...put your rings somewhere safe that he can't get them.

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