February 15, 2012

Cooper and daycare

When we got Cooper our neighbors also got a St. Bernard puppy and cooper and him became best of friends. At first he was bigger than Macallan but as time passed Macallan quickly grew to double the size of Cooper. It's quite a laugh to watch them play because Cooper definitely thinks he can still take down his best friend in any wrestling match and does all he can to take him down. (picture little 50 lb. Cooper taking down a 100 lb. St. Bernard.)

After our terrible boarding experience at Happy Tails and Trails in November I have been hesitant to bring Cooper anywhere for daycare or boarding. I was trying to wait until we moved so we could find a place we liked and use forever. But now with me working everyday we had to find somewhere we could take him the weeks Jason travels for work. Macallan goes to daycare and loves it, so I thought its be good to bring Cooper where he'd already know a dog and the owner. (we brought him on a tour where he checked out the facility and met the owners withus).

Jason brought him in last Tuesday for his trial day. We were told if he didn't do well, we would get a call. 8 hours later I picked him up and he came bouncing into the waiting area, tail wagging, tongue flailing. :)

Needless to say he had a blast. His buddy Macallan was exhausted as well so I imagine they had a very playful day together. Cooper was such a sweet loving dog Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Last Wednesday I took him for a run and Thursday Jason brought him to the dog park but only for 25 minutes...and he STILL got tired! It's my dream dog...loving, sweet, loyal and still playful, just not an attack dog the second I walk in the door.

Goldendoodles just have SO much energy...I'm so thankful for daycare for him to get his energy out.

I took him again yesterday because they're running a great promotion now that allows us to take him five times before it starts to break the bank. I'm so excited for cooper to have a LONG chance to play and for us to have a break from his crazy playfulness and energy. :)

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