February 23, 2012

I'm Surviving... :)

Just thought I'd take a quick minute to blog since I miss it so much!  I'm actually doing really well given the circumstances of all that's going on right now.  So either God is really good and giving me peace or next week is going to be nuts and I'm going to have so much anxiety I won't be able to function. I think it is probably a little bit of both.  But just the fact that I think I can take a couple minutes out to write says that I'm doing okay!

Today I survived my "midterm" assessment by my NLU supervisor.  She has been observing me the past few weeks while I've attempted to teach. It is nothing that any of my colleagues have been doing but it's just as challenging in a completely different way.  Quite honestly, I feel like it's challenging in all the wrong ways.  However, I am so thankful for my faith because I honestly have no idea how I'd have gotten this far without God at my side and knowing that there is some reason (which I may never know) for being in the situation that I am.  But hey...just 3 weeks and one day more and since we're off on Casmir Pulaski (gotta love being in Chicago!) it's really only another 15 days.  But who is counting, right?

Everything with "the move" really still hasn't hit me.  It completely consumes my life and is pretty much all I talk about to almost everyone but it still hasn't hit me.  I am scheduling "last dates" with friends and have our going away party planned.  We've taken Sam to the vet to get his meds to help his long drive go better. (he does NOT travel well).  Jason has started packing boxes and has ordered the rental truck.  God willing, we are signing a lease in the next week or so (or will be finding a new location/lease to sign. Lots of things are moving right long but it really hasn't sunk in yet that we'll be gone in 36 days. OH MY GOSH.  36 days...maybe it will start to hit me now.

Thank you for all your prayers thus far with my portfolio and finishing up my student teaching.  Like I said...I totally feel God's presence through all this and pray it will continue through next Sunday night.

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