November 28, 2011

Monday Meanderings

So much to say so I thought this was the perfect reason to do a little meandering or babbling...whichever you want to call it.

Meanderings ......

On Mexico -- We are home from Mexico!  It was such a wonderful week and honeymoon!  Hoping to post a few pics and more on this later!  A HUGE thank you to my uncle Dennis and aunt Marilyn for sharing your timeshare with us.  We are forever grateful to have been able to spend a week in Cabo at a gorgeous resort.

On moving -- A week has passed since my most recent post about moving and after typing and posting that I have to say that surely didn't convey nearly enough emotion for how I had felt the past month. I am still exhausted just thinking about it and it's not nearly over.  I was so excited to learn of the possibility of moving straight to CO on December 15 but now that we have learned that isn't happening, I am so relieved.  I am so excited to have another 4 months here.  As done as I am with city -living I still have a lot I want to do and a lot of friends I want to see...not some "see you to say goodbye" but  "see you and spend time with you."  It is going to be so hard to leave and I'm glad we have this extra time to see those we can.

On Cooper -- Our little Cooper has been a little under the weather since he spent a week being boarded.  I was extremely worried about him while in Mexico.  I thought about him countless times a day because I was worried. He was so upset when we dropped him off there, so I was disappointed to come home and learn that my gut had been right and he wasn't in the best conditions.  His back paws were rubbed really hard, almost raw so there's been a lot of licking the paws going on.  He has basically slept since he came home on Friday (it is now Monday morning!) When he barks, he coughs really hard and nearly throws up...assuming that is from barking so much while gone.  He lost weight while there and is a little skittish at times.  I KNOW he wasn't hit or anything like that but something there made him a little hesitant.  My poor baby...never going back to that place and would love to say that if we ever travel again we'll find someone who can take care of him.  It really would have helped put my mind at ease on our trip.  In the meantime, I'll be researching new places where he may go for daycare a few times so we'll know the owners, he'll know the owners and other dogs and be more comfortable.  Oh and did I say how bad he smelled when he came home?!  Disgusting.  Poor Cooper.

On our new condo/rental -- We went and saw a condo on Saturday and will be signing the lease today.  It's one of Jason's friends who recently bought and moved to a home in the burbs.  I was pretty sure they hadn't found renters yet and thought it may be a win/win since we could rent it beginning this week while also renting a few months until it's renters season.  Hopefully they're as happy to have someone renting right away even if it it a short term lease...and obviously we're happy to have a (nice!) place that's only until the end of March. Our move-in date is scheduled for December yeah, that is less than 2 weeks away.  Bring on the moving boxes...again. :)

On Student teaching -- I am still not sure where I'll be student teaching in January.  They put things on hold here in Chicago while I wanted to hear from University of Denver.  I am very anxious to hear where I'll be spending the first ten weeks of 2012. I am so nervous about student teaching and obviously the anxiety of "not knowing" isn't helping.  I'm praying it's a school that I can learn from.  Really really hoping and praying it's a good experience to boost my confidence about me as a future teacher.

On Christmas -- I am so anxious to get into our new place.  Originally our plan had been to come home from Mexico on Friday and go Christmas tree shopping on Saturday, then spend all of Sunday decorating.  Obviously with us moving that is no longer the plan.  I was kind of bummed this weekend knowing all of our Christmas decorations are still in storage and that we can't put anything up but I cannot wait to to be in our new place and get our tree up!

On Christmas Cards -- On the Christmas note...I did order our Christmas cards last night.  :)  I spent about 6 hours trying to find the right's so tricky with getting the right card to match your picture. I LOVE sending Christmas cards (and LOVE receiving them even more...hint hint) so this is definitely a highlight of my Christmas season. They should arrive in the next two weeks and can't wait to address them and send!

Happy Monday all -- Enjoy your week!

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