November 20, 2011

45 Days...

Until we had to be out.  That was what we learned on November 2 when we accepted an offer on our condo!  On Halloween, we learned that we received an offer and it was just two days later after a couple counters that we accepted and realized the contract was signed for just 45 days until our closing.  You can imagine the emotions we both went through - especially when we figured out that it was very likely that I could student teach in Denver in March so could be moving straight to Colorado December 15.  We didn't want to tell everyone the details because we were so uncertain of our final plans but after a while it was getting so close to our moving date so it was a relief  this past Thursday we finally learned that student teaching in Denver isn't an option because the school I was working with won't have a special ed cohort doing their student teaching in March.  While we were both disappointed because now we'll have to move twice, I am confident this is all part of God's plan.  As ready as we both are to begin this new chapter of our life, it was very rushed and I was worried about getting the proper "goodbyes" in to our loved ones.  Not to mention we have the holidays and our honeymoon all in the mix of this.  We think we have found a place to live in Chicago temporarily and already have a place to move in March when it's time to make the big move to Colorado.  Until then, I'm excited to do all the things on my list of "things to do" in Chicago.  There's plenty I still want to do and plenty of friends and family I want to see.  As for the details of our condo, we have already passed the inspection but still have the appraisal which is this week.  Our property management company held things up so it doesn't look like we'll have a December 16 closing, but it's still so nice to know where we'll be living and what the plan is for the coming months after so much uncertainty!  Thanks for everyone's prayers, we ask that you continue through all the final stages and the move to our new Chicago apartment!

I LOVE this.  It's been an amazing few months.  I've experienced answered prayers, a lot of waiting and a few unanswered prayers.  But through it all and in the end, it is all in His hands. 

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  1. Congrats on all of the changes!!! I love the last verse...I really have to keep that in mind all of the time.

    I do not know the history behind the Chris Tomlin song...please share!