November 4, 2011

Gods Protecting Hand

What a morning!  I was on my way to my Bible Study driving out on 90 and all of a sudden something came out of nowhere and struck my windshield in two spots leaving glass in my mouth, hair and all over my face, body and car.  I really have no idea where this item came from or even what it was.  It sounded like two gunshots in my car with how loud it was and happened so quickly! I pulled my car over immediately and called Jason to ask him what to do.  LOL...when did I lose my independence that I didn't figure it out myself? I really think I just wanted him to think for me because I was a little shaken up.  It's been a really long and stressful week for me and was really looking forward to the Bible study and was planning on talking to someone there who could pray for me and give me some Godly counsel on some doesn't it make perfect sense that I was being attacked on my way to Bible study? I'm convinced that Satan didn't want me at Bible study this morning and that God protected me.  Literally the second after I realized after what happened I saw that God had protected me.  There were two holes that went all the way through the windshield and glass everywhere.  After I dropped my car off at the glass place I also noticed that the object had fist hit the car putting a pretty solid dent in it, then hit the windshield twice so by the time it hit where it would have actually hit me, it had already had a chance to soften the blow. I am so thankful for God's protection this morning and also for a supportive husband who called around to find me a close auto-glass place.