November 13, 2011

Jason's Birthday Weekend

Pretty sure I say this every year but Jason and I couldn't be more opposite when it comes to celebrating birthdays.  Jason would be okay with the day coming and going without a mention of it being his special day.  I think that's ridiculous but do my best to respect his wishes and keep things low-key.

Thursday night my parents came down and we went to dinner to celebrate.  Friday Jason had off so we scheduled massages that were Christmas presents (groupon!).  Oh my gosh, was that amazing!  Most of Fridays afternoon was spent at Starbucks with Jason working and me studying while Cooper was at the groomer.  (still had fun doing that though just the two of us on his day off!)  Friday night we ordered take-out and watched a movie.  Saturday was his actual birthday so I tried to make him feel special by making him breakfast.  We spent the afternoon running errands (his choice...not mine!)  He spent a few hours playing MW3, the birthday gift I got him.  Then we ordered our specialty pizza diner (Lou Malnati's salad and Girodano's pizza) and watched a movie on the couch.  I sure didn't think the day was anything special but since special is not what he wanted, I think he was happy.

Happy birthday Jason.  I fall more and more in love with you every day and am so glad we got to celebrate that day you came into the world! xoxo

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